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According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, both men and women are more aware of the effects of aging on their appearance. This has led to an increase in facial plastic surgery consults in this country in the past several years. Regardless of the variety of procedures available, several remain the most frequently requested. These include:

Eyelid Surgery – This type of procedure can be used to remove excess or sagging skin of the upper and lower lids which give eyelids a puffy or sagging appearance. Surgery can also be used to remove fine lines on the lower eyelids by tightening the skin as well as “bags” under the eyes which never seem to disappear. Sometimes the lower lid droops to the point of showing the white of the eye below the iris. When this occurs, the increase in eye area visible may seem to call attention to the position of the lower lids. This can also be easily corrected with eyelid surgery. Men and women with any of these conditions may be candidates for eyelid surgery.

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Brow Lift Surgery – Also known as a forehead lift, this type of surgery has several benefits. Through lifting and tightening the skin of the forehead, lines and wrinkles in this area, often one of the first parts of the face to show aging, can be minimized or eliminated. Eyebrows are also raised in the process, resulting in a younger more alert appearance.

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Chin Surgery – Many people don’t realize how much the chin effects the appearance of the facial structure. Chin surgery balances the faces appearance by reshaping the chin through decreasing the amount it protrudes through altering the underlying bone or increasing its size with implants. This type of procedure may be conducted alone or in combination with other procedures, most commonly rhinoplasty or surgery on the nose.

Ear Surgery – Similar to the chin, the size and shape of the ears has an effect on the appearance of the entire face. Ears that are uneven, out of proportion in size based on the rest of the face, shaped irregularly or positioned in a way that detracts from the shape of the face ear surgery may be considered. These procedures can correct aspects of the ears with which the person is unsatisfied whether naturally occurring or due to injury or accident. The most common type of cosmetic ear surgery is correcting overly protruding ears. Those of almost any age are candidates for this type of surgery including children.

Facelift Surgery – Although a facelift cannot stop the aging process it can restore your face and neck to a more youthful appearance. Facelifts correct damage from the sun, stress and normal aging by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the skin. A facelift is often done in conjunction with an eye and brow lift to provide an overall improvement in the face’s appearance. Those best suited for this type of surgery are men and women who have sagging skin but whose skin still retains some elasticity along with prominent bone structure.

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Facial cosmetic surgery can create a symmetrical, balanced appearance with subtle changes to your features. With the development of new procedures, techniques and surgical instruments, there is less risk and scarring and quicker healing involved with these types of procedures. This allows patients to return to their normal lifestyle in a short period of time to enjoy an improved quality of life.