How long does breast augmentation surgery take?

Time it takes for a breast augmentation surgeryThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that a breast augmentation, which includes the placement of implants within the breasts to enhance their appearance. Of course, a breast lift and a reduction is also considered breast augmentation surgery. However, the most common breast augmentation procedure involves the enhancement of the breasts through implants. When considering a breast augmentation surgery, many women wonder how long the surgery takes and how long they will be in recovery. The following informs individuals as they make a decision in regards to breast augmentation surgery:

How long does actual surgery take?
The breast augmentation surgery itself takes from one to three hours to complete. Exact times will vary depending on the patient, what surgical techniques are employed, the type of anesthesia used and the implant placement.

What happens after breast augmentation surgery?
Women will be allowed to return home in the a care of an adult family member, friend or hired caregiver after the surgery. Caregivers must agree to stay with the patient for at least 24 hours after the procedure. If that is not possible, an overnight hospital stay or a visit to a licensed recovery facility is often implemented.

How long does it take to recover from surgery?
Aside from understanding how long the surgery itself takes, most women are also very interested in learning how long their recovery period will be post surgery. In most cases, the recovery time is very short. Doctors often advise their patients to wait 24 to 48 before showering and to rest during this time period.

What does the typical patient experience post surgery?
Many patients will experience swelling and pain immediately after their breast augmentation surgery, and this is perfectly normal. Pain medications can be implemented short term to keep patients comfortable during their recovery period. After a few days, doctors still advice limiting activities. Normal levels of activities can resume around one to three weeks post surgery. Patients return to their plastic surgeon throughout the healing process to ensure the augmentation is healing properly.

Why do women desire a breast augmentation?
In some cases, women desire larger breasts and this is the basis for their breast surgery. However, in many cases, women desire a breast augmentation to restore their breasts to their prepregnancy condition or to reduce breasts that are so large they are causing health problems.

Breast augmentation surgery is more than simply wanting to have larger breasts. The surgery itself is considered safe for the most part when performed by an accredited plastic surgeon. However, as with every surgery, there are some risks. Regardless of the risks, many women feel breast augmentation surgery is worth the investment and love their newly enhanced breasts.

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