Reconstructive Surgery Defined

Reconstructive Surgery Colorado SpringsReconstructive plastic surgery is a domain of medicine focused on improving the function of defected parts of the body. The condition may be caused by trauma, illness or genetic disorders. The term should not be confused with cosmetic surgery, which is centered on improving the appearance only. Most plastic surgeries are non-cosmetic and include the treatment of burns as well as reconstructive procedures performed on various parts of the body.

Types of Reconstructive Surgery

Skin Grafting – Victims of burns greatly benefit from implementation of skin grafting. Wide range of methods presently exists to improve the affected areas of skin and in many cases the patient’s appearance and function can be restored to its normal state. Minor skin defects can typically be corrected with authografts taken from the patient. The individual’s natural tissue is applied from another part of the body to the affected area. The healing properties of the skin prevent rejection and infections as the same epithelial tissue is used throughout the procedure. In absence of patient’s natural tissue, allografts and xenografts are used. Both methods are typically used for casualties of severe skin loss due to trauma or injury. Allografts consist of samples applied from the donor of the same species. Xenografts are samples contributed by the donor of different species. The incisions are made carefully to ensure proper healing and seamless appearance along with sufficient coverage of affected vicinity to improve function.

Reconstructive Surgery – Facial fractures and genetic impairments are typically addressed by series of reconstructive surgeries. Major defects cannot be corrected with one procedure as the healing time has to be present in between the surgeries to ensure patient’s proper medical response before proceeding any further. However, in many cases, multiple surgeries significantly restore the role of the affected region along with improved esthetics. In addition to facial reconstruction, most common procedures include breast augmentation, hand operations, scar repairs and tumor elimination. Many defects or degenerated areas are covered or reconstructed with a combination of skin samples, bone fragments, fat and muscle sections, which are then reconnected to blood contributing vessels to ensure acceptance by the body.

About the Reconstructive Surgeon

Only Board-certified physicians should be considered for performing any plastic surgery. This area of medicine tends to be relaxed, and many of the providers do not hold the proper certification or training time suggested to become a proficient plastic surgeon. Caution is recommended as well as extensive research and recommendations from previous patients. As plastic surgery is non-reversible, the individuals contemplating this type of treatment should be well informed and confident in their motivation to attempt it. Complications, limitations and risks should be thoroughly discussed with the family doctor as well as the physician regarded for the procedure. Health history will play a major role in determination if the patient is a good candidate for plastic reconstructive surgery.

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